Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 47 Cara Nikolaja II st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/323-68-96
E-mail: info@abacus3.rs
Website: www.abacus3.rs

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3 ABACUS is engaged in providing bookkeeping and accounting services.

The corporate headquarters is located in Belgrade, in Cara Nicholas II street in Vracar, the business unit in Palmoticeva street (Old Town).

Our core activity is the financial accounting.

The knowledge we have built cooperating with many clients some of whom have been UniCredit Bank Serbia Nielsen, Orion Telecom. But the main merit of our years of experience we owe to small and micro enterprises.

In recent years, many business companies are under increasing pressure due to the deteriorating economic and political trends. Constant changes in the legal and tax regulations have unnecessarily consuming the time to dedicate more important things. What about you and your company the most important - Weather? Work you do? The cost? The answer is simple. All of this together. Abacus3 will allow you to focus on a job that deals with your company.

Our specialty is payroll calculations, we offer for both small and large enterprises of different activities.

http://abacus3.rs">More information and a list of our services can be found on the website: http://abacus3.rs