Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 16 Bitoljska st., store 8, Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/2513-256, 064/200-45-43, 060/455-39-47

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Gala agency founded in 1998 in Belgrade. Registered for the provision of accounting services and consulting.

For many years professionally keeps books to legal entities and entrepreneurs.

- As part of its activities, provide the following services:
- Provide registration services in APR and other statutory changes related to APR
- Books of on the single and double-entry bookkeeping in accordance with the legislation
- Calculation of personal income and benefits associated with tax returns
- Calculation of travel costs at home and abroad
- Calculation of tax
- Keeping the books of evidential value added tax and filing of tax returns
- Contact with the responsible tax authority
- Preparation of financial statements (balance sheet and other reports at the request of clients)
- Check-in and check-out workers
- Courier service agencies
- Preparing documents for clients that have applied for bank loans
- Providing bookkeeping and other accounting services in consultation with the client

Working time:
Monday-Friday: 08-15:30 h
Saturday-Sunday: not working!