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Additional Locations

On the known location TC BN BOSS Galenika, in boutiques TIFARET and TIFARET II in addition to the kind staff, you can find a large selection of clothing for all ages, different manufacturers, materials, and all at very affordable prices.
In our program we have LEATHER JACKETS - male and female models, by FRATTELI, made according to newest world trends, intended for modern, sophisticated, ambitious persons with style. We also have COATS by ELKOM which will perfectly round up your winter wardrobe. Of course we have also dune jacket STAFF&CO which will captivate you with their quality and modern design.
We also offer a large selection of jeans wear, by BRUG and BROCAT made according to Italian license, intended for those who want to be noticed, innovative and different. And that\'s not all, here you can also find: SWEATERS, male and female made by RAPENY, SORGARO, WOODO, PACIFIC to satisfy the needs of young business people, and all those who feel that way. SHIRTS male and female, by LEONARDO, GARINELO, MAESTRO...high quality, in all colors and patterns which will suit everybody.
From the youth program we select SORGARO SWEAT SHIRTS, all sizes and colors, which will perfectly suit not only the sporty types but all those who want to feel comfortable and attractive. Of course, all this is rounded up by imported under wear by BUGATTI and DONNA in all colors and sizes. With the affordable prices we also offer the possibility of deferred payment, card payment and large season sales and discounts. So, come visit us and see for yourself.