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Caps and embroideries Belgrade
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Hatter Rade makes all caps and hats by hand from natural materials. Hand-crafting hats is a true art which requires a great amount of skill and experience. That way, thanks to the hand-making of our hats, all of them are uniques. Regardless for which occasion or purpose you need them, you will surely find your perfect hat here. Very often our shop is visited by celebrities, actors, painters, bohemians with style who know that hats will never go out of style. Shoppers in our hattery were among others, the King Peter, Joseph Tatic, Bora Todorovic, Haris Dzinovic but also a large number of everyday people who know their quality hats.  Our head pieces are the key ingredient of their image and style. In addition to hand-crafting everyday use hats, we also make them for theatre plays and various manifestations, TV shows and movies. Included in Hatter Rade's work are various stylists and theathre costume directors. We were angaged for many movie, TV and theatre projects. Our shop has been in business since 1950 and since then hats, caps and top-hats of various shapes and sizes have left it.

Back in the distant 1950 when it was unimaginable to see a respected Belgrade gentleman in the street without a hat, a schooled hatter Radoslav Stefanovic had proudly opened his workshop. The business was great from the begining because the Balkan street was the main old-Belgrade promenade. With family spirit and love for hats, Radoslav's son Branislav continues the tradition and remains in the store until 2005. Then his daughter Vera takes over the family business with her husband Goran Milosevic in the purpose of perserving the old-day spirit and making sure this fashion detail is not forgotten. Even though Goran says that the trend of wearing formal hats is behind us because they require a suit, he still makes them for theatre plays. Our head-pieces are also ordered for TV shows and movies. We often see famous actors and bohemians with style in our shop because they know hats will never go out of style.

The ladies have fallen back in love with hats, especially before New Year and the Belgrade Hatter from Balkan street, Goran Milosevic, happily rubs his hands together. As he reveals for "Revija D", business has bloomed thanks to Mir Jam and the screening of her novel "Wounded Eagle". Ever since a true flood of customers has been coming. All the ladies want a hat same as Andjelka's, Nada's and Vukica's and now also as Neda's from "Sins of her Mother". Since hats had gone out of fashion, it's been difficult for the store. However the tables have turned when heroines of popular shows, movies and theatre plays have been stylized, Goran says while sewing on a century old "Singer" sewing machine, making both caps worth 400rsd and hats worth 5000rsd.

Goran says his daughters and wife were not interested in hat-making. In the beginning he wasn't either, but his wife convinced him to try. In time he grew to love this work and he has no regrets, says Goran - a kind trader and excellent psychologist. He can handle almost any customer and always has patience for them. Women - and men as well - like to try on scarves, hats and caps for long periods of time. It is a unique accessory not purchased often and those buying them tend to be unsure if they should spend extra 10 euros on a cap.
Our regular customers are also the National Theatre in Podgorica, Grad Theatre in Budva and Mimosa festival but also many stylists from Montenegro.
Various stylists order our goods, costume directors from theatres but we were also sought after during Beovision competition.


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