Car centers Belgrade

Address: 205a Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3072-500, 011/307-2550(servis), 064/6584-426

4.5/ 5stars

Auto Nena Stil is a name that dates from 1987 when the first private store in the great Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe began work in the area of car part sale - Nena Auto. In eighteen zears of business, Nena Auto has developed a network of 27 retail objects in the territory of Serbia and business was expanded to also cover insurance which positioned us as a leader on the market.

Thanks to our years of experience in 2010 we also became a certified distributer and servicer for the Chery vehicles and in 2013 we took over the role of a certified dealer for Peugeot products and later a certified service for Peugeot vehicles.

Seeing how Peugeot is one of the oldest brands in the vehicle market with years of tradition and proven quality and as one of the favorite brands in the Serbian market, the main goal of our new dealer is to nurture the relationship with the customers who remain faithful to Peugeot but also to build new and meaningful relationshops with new clients who would like to try out this brand.

Nena Stil Service center offers servicing services not only for Chery and Peugeot brands whose certified dealer and servicers we are but also for vehicles by other manufacturers. With our expert staff and application of the highest standards as well as using the original diagnostic devices and tools we are ready to respond to any requests of our clients, even the largest ones such as Hertz, Atlantic Brands, Alca Trade and many others who entrusted us with maintaining their fleet.

The modern car center AUto Nena Stil is located in the business object constructed for the needs of this family company in Zemun in the new route of the bridge Zemun-Borca which includes the exhibition salon of around 150m2 and 80m2 of open space as well as 400m2 of service space.