Car Insurance Belgrade

Address: 2g Vidikovacki venac st., Vidikovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2341-361, 2341-372

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- Vehicle Inspection - Compulsory insurance: DANUBE, UNIQUE, SAVA - Car insurance: DANUBE, UNIQUE, SAVA - GREEN CARD - REGISTRATION OF VEHICLES OFFER FOR COMPANIES - VEHICLE MAINTENANCE - CERTIFICATION OF TRAVEL ORDERS - REGISTRATION OF VEHICLES (most comfortable service, where you find the right staff will not change us) AGENCY - SERVICE: - TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP - COURIER SERVICES - SUBMISSION OF CASES TO REGISTER (Item form, full payment, surrender to the competent Ministry of Interior, download certified vehicle registration) - Collecting your car (with the agreed address, technical inspection, handing over the case for registration, bring the car back to the address) PAYMENT OPTIONS: - CASH - by check (no extra COST) TO 7 OF WAR - Administrative order - 4 RATE (ADDITIONAL COST TO 4%) WORKING HOURS: MON-FRI 08-20h, Saturday 08-14h