Car service Belgrade

Address: 169 Ratka Mitrovica st
Belgrade Phone: 011/231-76-85, 231-78-78

4.5/ 5stars

AK ZELENI TALAS company for the technical review of passenger and freight motor vehicle imports - exports and catering, was established on the 3rd of December in 1991 as a private company with total responsibility based in 169 Ratko Mitrovic Street in Belgrade. Shortly thereafter began the construction of commercial buildings which in 1996 completed one part on the holiday Spasovdan and a line of technical inspection for passenger vehicles that now has the latest equipment that is needed began working. Proven quality of work and dozens of thousands of satisfied parties AK Green wave in the summer of 2005 opens the second line of technical inspection for all types of vehicles with the latest computer equipment and experienced employees with long time experience, today represents the most serious institution of its kind in Belgrade and in Serbia.
AK Zeleni talas today in addition to modern technical review deals also with transportation of special cargo (bulk cargo with special systems for unloading, mainly for livestock production), retail meat and meat products in its retail store in the near future and their own meat processing plants for their needs and beyond, and building a fast-food grill with charcoal.
Personnel of the company consists of combination of youth and experience with proven professional and moral quality.