Car service Belgrade

Address: 25b Milutina Milankovica st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 060/0101-005

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Car service and repairs for Mercedes and Audi vehicles can be found in the New Belgrade territory at 102 Omladinskih brigada street in Belgrade. We have worked and existed for a long number of years as a responsible service which will offer you a broad array of services in various areas for all types of vehicles.

We are at your service when your vehicle needs:
- Car diagnostics
- Car electrics
- Car electronics,
- Car air-conditioning
- Car mechanics
- Installing xenon, parking sensors
- Car parts
- Oils and filters
- Air conditioning parts
- Car service

Thanks to modern computer and car diagnostics we can swiftly and precisely establish where the malfunction with your vehicle happened. Modern technology, equipment and tools allow us to solve all the irregularities and enable your vehicle to work perfectly.

When it comes to electrics we would like to highlight automatic light ignition, aware of the fact how often during the day you might forget to turn on your headlights. So that you don't have to pay the fines, the headlights can come on the second you turn on the engine and turn off when you turn off the car.

Through regular air-conditioner servicing and filling it with freons, you can enjoy the rides in all weather occassions. Also, when you want xenon installment, central locks and glass raisers our expert mechanics can make it happen.

Contact info:
102 Omladinskih brigada street

Working hours:
Workdays: 8AM - 6PM
Saturdays: 9AM - 2PM