Car service Belgrade

Address: 19 Petra Tekelije st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 011/3320-210, 063/231-547

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Car service Dugi is located at 19 Petra Tekelije street in Paliula, Borca. Our main activity is repairing vehicles from the travel and light cargo program.

Thanks to years of experience and a large number of satisfied clients we have earned the reputation of one of the most reliable and most affordable car services in Borca. In our work we use the most modern equipment and tools for diagnostics and repairs of all kinds of vehicles and vans.

Car service Dugi offers our clients a broad assortment of services:
- Vehicle repairs
- Complete diagnostics
- Filling and servicing air-conditioners
- Complee mechanics
- Centering of the trap

We will swiftly and easily repair all kinds of mechanical malfunctions from regular engine repairs, gear shifting system remounting, trap repairs to regular maintenance and servicing for your vehicle. We also offer full diagnostics for all kinds of vans and vehicles.

Centering of the trap is an important part of your vehicle's regular maintenance and it involves adjusting the wheels in order to lessen the wear on your tires which also makes your vehicle more responsive and precise in motion. At our service we use the latest machinery to center the trap. This procedure should be done regularly, but especially after replacing springs, connectors or wheel axis.

Car service Dugi services all kinds of car air-conditioning and repairs full air-conditioning installation. In addition to this we also fill car air-conditioners according to the manufacturers' norms.

We have the latest devices and tools for servicing both older and modern vehicles.

We can also obtain all car parts for any vehicle in the shortest time.

We repair all models and brands from the travel and light travel program.

The most affordable car service in Borca.

Working hours:
Mon-Sat 9AM - 5PM
Sundays we are closed

Contact phones:
011 / 3320 – 210 
063 / 231 – 547#


Car service Dugi, 19 Petra Tekelije street, Belgrade, Borca.