Car service Belgrade

Address: 225 Jurija Gagarina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/6557-640 (centrala), 6557-650 (tehnički pregled), 6557-651 (servis), 6557-652 (salon-prodaja)

4.5/ 5stars

CAR CENTER STOJANOVIc deals with sale and maintenance of motor vehicles - travelers program. We are authorized dealers and servicers for SKODA and ZASTAVA vehicles.
In our SKODA program, we offer Fabia, Oktavia and Superb in three types: classic, comfort and elegance. The (manufacturers) warranty for all models is 10 years for the body, 3 years for the paint and 2 years for the complete vehicle. We offer our customers the old-for-new change of vehicles. When purchasing a vehicle, all buyers get a present. We give the chance to buy the SKODA and ZASTAVA vehicles by credit, with favorable conditions. Also, the vehicles can be bought through leasing. The time of crediting and leasing is two to five years, which depends on the customers choice.
In ZASTAVA program we offer the complete traveling line: Jugo, Zastava 101 and Florida, as well as Zastava skala poly and Florida poly.
AUTO CENTAR STOJANOVIC has also a entire line for the maintenance of vehicles: body workshop, paint workshop, auto-mechanic and auto-electric workshop, and we have a technical exam and offer a complete registration of vehicles with insurance and Casco insurance: DDOR Novi Sad and Imperial Osiguranje. We do with all the insurance companies (Dunav Osiguranje, DDOR Novi Sad, Imperial Osiguranje, Plava Tacka osiguranje) maintenance of vehicles via a letter of guarantee - the vehicle stays in our service for repair - and the customer just brings a letter of guarantee from its insurance company.