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Car service Belgrade

Useful information

Car service Griffin car service is located at Medakovic III settlement near the turnaround for the trolley line 29 and the bus line 18. With the wish to allow the owners of various brands of cars to get the best and most complete repair, servicing and maintenance services in one place, we focus precisely on that activity. We offer services related to computer diagnostics, electrics, electronics and mechanics as well as servicing car air-conditioning. For all services we use the latest equipment with only the original parts. We also install gas systems for all kinds of vehicles.

Our services include:
- Servicing vehicles
- Car diagnostics
- Car mechanics
- Car electrics
- Installing and adjusting car gas
- Repairs and air-conditioner filling
- Selling car parts
- Car air-conditioning.


Griffin Service car mechanic offers you swift and efficient oil, filter, antifreeze and brake oil replacement for your vehicle. Regular replacements will allow your vehicle to operate more smoothly and be safer in traffic.

Thanks to our modern methods and diagnostic approach we can easily determine where the malfunction of your vehicle occured and go about solving it. Car diagnostics is a service which includes a series of measures and actions which determine exactly what is the problem with the vehicles and what must be done to repair it (part replacemets, tuning, cleaning...) and if possible what caused it (so that the malfunction doesn't happen again)... replacing parts, tuning, cleaning and other actions which will let your car work flawlessly.

Car service in Belgrade Griffin offers diagnostics for the following systems:

- Gas and fuel injection (MPI, SPI, Motronic, Jetronic, LPG/TNG sequential systems: APOLO, BIPOWER, BLUPOWER, FOBOS, LANDI-RENZO, AC, VIALLE, KOLTEC-NECAM, ICOM JTG...)

- Diesel injection (EDC injector pump, common rail)

- Air conditioning and heating systems (automatic and manual air-conditioning systems WEBASTO, EBERSPRACHER)

- Comfort systems (central locks, central computers UCH, BSI...)

- Passive safety systems (air bags, seatbelt tighteners, SRS...)

In order to answer our clients' needs our car mechanic service Griffin car service offers an enviable number of high quality spare parts for various brands. We have very sucessfully achieved cooperation with many importers of abovementioned parts which lets us offer affordable prices.

Independantly from the perfomance of your vehicle when you decide to install a gas system in your car our mechanics can help you with that process. Installing a gas system extends the lifespan of your engine and engine oil.

Griffin car service also offers service air-conditioner filling. Optimal temperature in your vehicle can be achieved by having a functional air-conditioner in it. Filling car air conditioning with freons at our service will help you have an ideal drive.