Car service Belgrade

Address: 63b Tosin Bunar st,, Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3196-666, 2618-237

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TECHNICAL OVERVIEW AND INSURANCE We sell at very favorable conditions do technical inspection for all types of passenger cars and combined, as well as ensuring the same. We have modern equipment to check roadworthiness of your vehicle that guarantees the results.
EXHAUST SERVICE  repair, installation, development, maintenance of the complete exhaust system. Made to the highest standards, and the warranty period of 18 months. Have cars with catalytic converters? NEW KILER car - RENOVATION CATALYST In accordance with our many years of experience in the manufacture and servicing of exhaust systems for the purpose of application of compulsory started measuring emissions, we began with the restoration of automotive catalysts (especially for cars in which the impossible universal installation of catalyst). We offer the service, due to a change in an original (old) catalyst is not required, for sake of this same still perform its function as new. Therefore, we invite you once again, that the catalysts with worn or broken core does not reject - we will rebuild it using metal catalytic core, which is developed using modern technology, and is also resistant to mechanical damage (patent protection 21 535).
AUTO SERVICE-refrigerator repair, cleaning, maintenance completnog cooling system. In addition to repairing metal radiator, and coolers are made by sample and successfully repair plastic coolers.
SERVICE-AUTO MECHANIC - Maintenance and repair (engine, brake system and management system) - engine overhaul - Computer Diagnostics - Zastava authorized service programs
AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE-Repair and maintenance of complete auto-electrics
SERVICE AUTO-CATALYSTS We repair old catalyst using the latest materials and technologies (by the Slovenian license).
SERVICES THAT ARE NOT CHARGED - replacement filters and engine oil - check the exhaust system - check the battery power and installation - check the coolant in the cooling system of the engine - check the brake system and management system