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EXpont LTD is a company from Belgrade seated at 654 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard which specializes in heating and plumbing equipment. We began work in 1992 and today we are situated in a 2300m2 space and operate wholesale offices in Belgrade, Krusevac and Nis and retail stores in Nis, Krusevac, Batajnica and multiple locations in Belgrade.

EXpont heating and plumbing wholesale

Our wholesale network supplies businesses and distributers and over 700 thermal installation and plumbing companies, ranging from large systems to household installations for heating and plumbing. Our products are delivered with a valid certificate and a guarantee of quality.

EXpont heating and plumbing retail sale

Our buyers are advised to especially pay attention to our popular offers and the 5% discount that we offer on all purchases above 20,000rsd. In addition to the discount we also offer transport services for the entire territory of Serbia.

Find out more from our sales managers.

EXpont and installations

Constructors offering thermal-technical and plumbing installations alongside whom our company EXpont has grown and prospered in the Serbian market are our most prioritized clients. For our associates and partners we are always prepared to provide the best prices and swiftest delivery as well as special benefits for plumbing and heating equipment delivery to the desired location (construction sites).

EXpont importer and manufacturer for thermal-technical equipment

EXpont company is the exclusive representative of the Mip Industry Armature from Cupria. As the exclusive representative of MIP, Serbia’s only cast iron armature producer, offers flanged armature program for substations in addition to our overall production which includes repelling dampers, dirt catchers, condensation pots, vacuum baskets.

Auraton, Bosch, Ecospar, Ferroli, Vaillant, Heimeier, Milan Blagojevic, Reventon, Aklimat, Herz, Fondital, Burnit, Tiemme, Cher Bros, Sondex, Magnohrom, Fragmat, Rothenberger and Wilo are the globally acclaimed brands who trust our services which means that for many of these names we are the only representatives in Serbia.

Expont objects are can be found in the following locations:

Address: 654 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard, Zvezdara
Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 8-­16h, 
- Saturday 8-­14h  
Tel: 011/3099-603, 011/655-0220, 060/431-4302, 060/344-3826

Retail 1
Address: 153 Vojvode Stepe street, Vozdovac
Working hours:
-Mon-Fri: 08­-18h, 
- Saturdays: 08-­15h
Tel: 011/3982-022, 060/641-6832  

Retail 2
Address: 654 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard, Zvezdara
Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 08-­20h
- Saturdays: 08­- 15h
- Sundays: 08­-14h
Tel: 011/6550-222, 060/641-6831 
Retail 3
Address: 164ž Vodovodska street, Zeleznik
- Mon-Fri: 08­-18h, 
- Saturdays: 08-­15h
Tel: 011/2580-103, 060/340-0041

Retail 4
Address: Majora Zorana Radosavljevica 134, Batajnica
Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 08­-18h,
- Sat: 08­-15h
Tel: 011/8484-964 , 060/0330-144 

Retail and wholesale : 
Address: 246 Cara Lazara, Krusevac
Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 8­18h, 
- Saturdays: 08­15h 037/ 21 00 31 , 060/ 0 330 147

Wholesale and retail
Address: 11 Knjazevacka street, Nis
Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 08­-18h, 
- Saturdays: 08- ­15h
Tel: 018/57-39-79 , 060/0330-089 

Especially pay attention to our prices and the 5% discount we offer for all products in 2014. For the full specification of heating and plumbing products our buyers also have the right to free delivery. We are the official representatives and distributers for:

- Hard fuel boilers, boilers and furnaces that run on pellets, gas or electricity by famous global manufacturers: Solid Therm, Bosch, Viadrus, Termomont Simanovci, Ekopan Plus, Elektro Therm, Ariston, Vaillaint, Sime…
- Aluminium, cast and panel ALUKAL radiators,
 Global, Elma, Starpan, and towel dryers Start Oval are included in our excellent offer.
- In addition to pumps, Expont also offers the full assortment of copper, steel, galvanized and radiator fittings of renown manufacturers such as Heimer, Herz, Tiemme, Caleffi, Giacomini…


EXPONT Cauldrons Beograd
EXPONT Cauldrons Beograd
EXPONT Cauldrons Beograd