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Cavitation is conservative liposuction, fat loss of certain regions of the body. According to one treatment of cavitation is lost by 1-4 cm in extent depending on the region of the body and metabolism persons. It is recommended lymphatic drainage after each treatment cavitation. It is recommended 6-8 treatments of cavitation at intervals of seven days between the lymph drainage and light exercise. The price of cavitation is included and partial lymphatic drainage, which is immediately after treatment.
ACTION! PROMOTIONAL PRICES IN MAY CAVITATION! Benefits for people who work more than one region BODY AND WHICH REQUIRES A LARGER NUMBER OF TREATMENTS! After treatment, the results are tangible and amazing but after the first cavitation! TREATMENTS - Medical hygiene (aknozna and problematic skin) - Enzyme Treatments - Regenerative and energetic treatment of the eye - Treatment of lifting and anti-age program - Biological facial - face, neck and décolleté - Dermabrasion - Lacrima Neostrata Chemical Peels and Medical-acid treatment of acne, decreases the acne scars, lightening hyperpigmentation, stimulation of fibroblasts, reduction of wrinkles, skin regeneration. The center is certified to perform chemical peels and Neostratinog training clients for extended home care. Treatments are harmonized according to the type and condition of the skin, thanks to advanced technology, local irritation after treatment was reduced to a minimum. - Miolift-a combination of mild galvanic current to increase skin tone and nonsurgical rejuvenation. It is recommended that a series of 10 treatments for full effect, although the effects seen already after 1 Treatment - In the treatment to be adapted to the intense facial skin type and age, followed by stimulation with galvanic current and the collagen phase. It is recommended, one treatment every other month to maintain the achieved effect. - Paint the eyebrows and eyelashes with special colors for the eyes with a small percentage of acid is absolutely harmless to the eyes, do not cause allergies and can be used frequently indefinitely. - Upgrade lashes
Permanent makeup - Dermatologically tested and approved pigments for a period 0d 2-5 years (depending on the shades to be assembled) - Eyebrows - Shutters - Lips MAKE UP top of a professional cosmetics renowned houses. The cost of permanent make-up included a correction that is recommended after a month. 15 - YEAR EXPERIENCE IN THE WORK AND SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ARE QUALITY GUARANTEE! SERVICES PROVIDED cosmetology With long experience - Upgrade lashes
DESIGN, CORRECTION AND FILLING USANA - Metacril - Silicon - Hijoluronska acid - Botox - correction of wrinkles on the face mimicnih SURVEYS AND CONSULTATION dermatologist and plastic surgeon SERVICES PROVIDED BY PLASTIC SURGEON DR. V. RIBNIKAR HAIR REMOVAL COLD WAX The study of cosmetic services are performed highly finest waxes and waxing preparations for the care before and after. - The Brazilian - a combination of cold and hot wax disposable - Possibility of local anesthetic spray, hair removal without irritation
PEDICURE - Aesthetic - Medical (ingrown toenails, calluses, corns and other problems) - Spa Pedicure Chiropody - Upgrade nail preparations PROFESSIONAILS home is also a trademark of this city. One of the best nail procedure is carried out under license from the famous Belgian home. Nail can be scheduled regardless of the state in which your nails are and what you get nail on which you dreamed. Check what it looks like the highest quality UV nail gels in three phases and you will not regret. - Upgrade nails - three-phase gels - Strengthening fingernails - permanent Frenc - chiropody
MANICURE - Spa Manicure - hand mask, massage, paraffin hand pack - PROFESSIONAILS - NAIL ART - Painting nails - Zircons color gels ... SOLARIUM Ergoline - Intensive Turbo with 4 screens for the face and protective filters - New lamps with rapid effects of getting color and a long acting extended - Every 10 tanning FREE
MASSAGE - Relax - Partial - Anti-cellulite - Lymphatic drainage (partial and full body) BODYSTAR device - increasing skin tone - Stimulating the skin mikromisica - Passive gymnastics - fat loss PIRSING with anesthetic (a pain-free) - Navel - Blue Moon - Nose