Chocolate Belgrade

Address: 14i Jurija Gagarina st., lokal 12 (Mimoza building), Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/770-49-16, 060/365-45-33

4/ 5stars

CHOCO BOX – chocolatterie is a family production. We make pralines, truffles and other chocolate products. It is our goal to enrich the gastronomic offer in Belgrade and with it the touristic image of Serbia.

We have elevated our production quality to a global level when it comes to the selection and safety of the ingredients and well as the assortment of chocolates which is something we adore. By bringing together different flavors and aromas we have created a unique chocolate palette for all tastes.

The flavors you can expect from our products include various types of berries, nuts and other contitnental fruits from mountain bases and meadows of Serbia, but also excotic fruits such as maracuce, lime, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, chilli, Asian spices and other flavors from around the world. We cook, add flavors, blend and shape.

Delight yourself, your loved ones, friends and business partners with pralines and chocolates from CHOCO BOX. Create a chocolate box of your choice by selecting from our exclusive assortment.

14i Jurija Gagarina street, Belville, Mimosa building, shop 12, 11070 New Belgrade.