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Address: 10 Jovana DJaje st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/28-63-424, 30-49-355
E-mail: office@olymp.rs
Website: www.olymp.rs

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OLYMP ELECTRONIC - ROLAND Serbia, since 1990 the representative and service for the machinery factory ROLAND for Serbia and Montenegro.
Show-room, Training Center, and authorized service for ROLAND factory are open 365 days a year.

Sales ROLAND ROLAND plotters and CNC machines - engravers
- Cutters for PVC Models: GX-24, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-640, SV-8, SV-12, SV-15

Color printer plotter large format - up to 2,6m releases: billboard, banner, poster, stickers, textiles, canvas, flag

- Printer cutter ECO-SOL SP-300i, SP-540i, VP-300, VP-540, XC-540 XC-540W, XR-640, XF-640
- Color printer ECO SOL XJ-640, XJ-740, SJ-645, SJ-745, SJ-1045EX, AJ-1000, AJ-740, FH-740, RE-640, RA-640
- Metallic color printer-plotter: XC-540MT, VS-300i, VS-420, VS-540i, 640i VS-BN-20
- Sublimation color printer: RS-540, RS-540S, RS-640, RS-640S, FP-740
- UV color printer-plotter: LEC-540 LEC-330 LEC-300A
- UV Flatbed color printer: LEJ-640, LEF-12, LEF-20

2D and 3D CNC engravers and modelers for steel, copper, brass, gold, plastic
- Modeling: MDX-15 MDX-20 MDX-40A-540A MDX, MDX-540S, IM-01
- The engraver: EGX-20, EGX-30A EGX-350 EGX-360 EGX-400 EGX-600
- Jeweler: JWX-30 JWX-10 RX-50
- Dental - Dental equipment DWX-30, DWX-50, DWX-4
- Photo engravers for metal, gold, silver, stainless steel: MPX-70 MPX-80 MPX-90 MPX-90M
- 3D laser scanners - Dental Solution: LPX-60DS, LPX600, LPX-1200

Sales of graphic materials ROLAND, ORACAL
- Adhesive PVC films for printing
- Cast films for vehicle Translucent film for illuminated signs
- Banners, PIX-- canvases, tarpaulins, photo paper
- Jib Video i-flex, towel foils, stencil foils, transfer foils, reflecting foils.

Since 2010, we have become the exclusive distributor of factories:
"Perkins Products" - USA
"Handy Tech electronics" - Germany
"Index Braille" - Sweden

Adress: 10 Jovana DJaje street, Belgrade
Telephone: 011/2863-424, 2863-420, 2863-426, 3049-355
Fax: 011/3049-284
E-mail: roland@yubc.net  office@olymp.rs
Website: www.olymp.rs  www.roland.co.rs