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Compressors Belgrade

Useful information

The main activity of our company is selling and servicing air compressors, pneumatic tools and spare parts for them. The director of the company, Stojakovic Milos, a graduate in machine engineering, has been successfully guiding the company since 1990.

The company is registered as a provider of services and trader for import, export and representation of foreign companies. Our company owns a 600 square meters of our own business areas and 160 square meters of rented business areas.

We have at our disposal enough capacity to perform all kinds of services in our line of work in the optimal time span, on the scale within our abilities. We are also able to offer deliveris and delayed payments. For all our work and deliveries we give a guarantee of 6 months, or per agreement with the customer up to a year.

We maintain a successful cooperation with several hundreds of business partners and offer significant services in the area of air compressors and pneumatic tools for a very large number of other companies such as:

EPS-REIK Kolubara, Drina power plants, TE Nikola Tesla A i B, RTB Bor – Bor Copper mines,  Majdanpek, JKP Belgrade sewage, GSP Belgrade, City cleaning Belgrade, Bip Belgrade, Trayal Kruševac,   Modern home Kruševac, Teleoptik Zemun, Aleva Novi Kneževac, Lepenka Novi Kneževac, DMB   Livnica Ralja, Zastava livnica Topola, Livnica   Ljig, Lola FAM i Lola FOD   Belgrade, ITES Odžaci, Footwear Belgrade, Voćar Koceljeva, RZAV Arilje, Građevinar   Crvenka, Simpo Vranje, PKB Belgrade,   Domovi zdravlja Belgrade, Zemun, Pančevo,   IKOP Petrovac  and many other companies. 

Selling compressors

Universe LTD Belgrade deals in sales of compressors and complete equipment for drying and filtration of compressed air. We offer  reciprocating, screw, helical rotary compressors from these manufacturers:

- Trudbenik Doboj
- Alup Nemačka
- Omega Air LTD  Ljubljana

We also offer filters for compressed air, preparation groups, cooling and absorption dryers as well as complete equipment for installations involving compressed air.

Servicing compressors:
Our company offers services in the area of maintaining, servicing and general repairs of compressors as well as sales of their spare parts including equipment for running compressors and related machinery.   

  1. Trudbenik Doboj,
  2. Alup Germany,
  3. Worthington Creyssensac France,
  4. Bottarini Italy
  5. Omega Air Ljubljana

Service for compressors and a storage for spare parts of the company is located in Belgrade at 78 Vojvoda Bacevic street. The services we offer are:

- Maintenance
- Perodic maintenance
- General repair
- Spare parts


We maintain a successful cooperation with several hundreds of business partners whom we provide with significant services in the area of air compressors and pneumatic tools. Our partners include a large number of successful companies such as:

01. EPS-REIK Kolubara,

02. Drina power plants,

03. TE Nikola Tesla A i B,

04. RTB Bor – Copper Mines Bor,

05. Copper mines Majdanpek,

06. JKP Belgrade sewage system

07. GSP Belgrade,

08. City Cleaning Belgrade,

09. Bip Belgrade,

10. Trayal Kruševac,

11. “Savremeni dom” Kruševac,

12. Teleoptik Zemun,

13. Aleva Novi Kneževac,

14. Lepenka Novi Kneževac,

15. DMB Foundry Ralja,

16. Zastava foundry Topola,

17. Livnica Ljig,

18. Lola FAM,

19. Lola FOD Belgrade,

20. ITES Odžaci,

21. Obuća Belgrade,

22. Voćar Koceljeva,

23. RZAV Arilje,

24. Građevinar Crvenka,

25. Simpo Vranje,

26. PKB Belgrade,

27. Health center Belgrade,

28. Health center Zemun,

29. Health center Pančevo,

30. IKOP Petrovac