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Car diagnostics Belgrade
  • Address: 105 Sangajska st., Batajnica
  • Phone: +381 60 418 09 88
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  • WhatsApp: +381 60 418 09 88
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  • Bus: 702, 703

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Car service Branko is located in Batajnica and offers the most reliable, fastest and most efficient repairs of all kinds of passenger vehicles. Thanks to years of experience and the professionalism of our team of servicers, we are able to provide a broad spectrum of services that will allow your vehicle to function in the best possible way. 

The main activity of our service involves repairs and maintenance for all types of passenger vehicle models with the highest degree of responsibility. In our work, we use the latest equipment and tools that makes it easier to detect malfunctions and speed up the repair process. 

Car service Branko provides the following services: 

  • Car mechanics
  • Car electrics
  • Car diagnostics
  • Towing service 

Detecting malfunctions would be unimaginable without the help of diagnostic devices that collect data from the vehicle’s computer. Use of the latest computer diagnostics, expertise in the way the vehicle and its individual components work as well as the experience of our servers are the key to our success in detecting and removing malfunctions on vehicles. Car service Branko provides complete diagnostics for all series of passenger vehicle programs. 

Starting with the fact that regular maintenance is the most important thing when it comes to your vehicle’s health, car service Branko provides complete car mechanic services. This involves: oil and filter replacement after recommended mileage crossed, regular liquid tests (antifreeze, brake liquid, gear shifter oil), testing the brake system, large servicing after a certain mileage is crossed, cleaning valves, clamps, AGR filters and clutch set replacement. We also do all repairs related to the engine and gear shifter. 

In addition to the complete care of your vehicle, our car service Branko is at your disposal whenever you need help on the road. If your vehicle stops working and you’re unable to reach the service, our towing service will be at your disposal for all kinds of interventions. Our offer also includes a huge selection of spare parts for all vehicle brands.