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Address: 21a Simina st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3039-866, 2184-452
Fax: 011/3039-864

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Foreign languages

- Children's courses

- Youth courses

- Adult courses

- Specialized courses

- Serbian for foreigners

Business skills

- Management and marketing

- Information technologies

Profession training

- Construction

- Carpeting

- Machine technology

- Car mechanics

- Electrics

- Servicing

- Administration

- Hosting

- Trade

Body culture and beauty care

- Cosmetician

- Hair stylist

- Makeup artist

- Masseuse

- Pedicure and manicure

Culture and arts

- Painting and applied art

- Music

- Ballet and dance programs


Our Educativa Academia specializes in educating adults and satisfy the specific social needs for the developing and functional, basic and extended education and enabling which stems in the needs and demands of the society. In our nature we are a non-formal, flexible and dynamic institution with various functions and shapes. Educative is open and friendly to general users. We perform our work through various spontaneous or guided, extensive and intensive manner of work and knowledge transfer while satisfying the needs of our society for cultural, entertainment, educational and sports requirements. Our program concept is based on high quality and modern programs for: foreign languages, culture and arts, sports and specialized profession enabling. Educativa offers new programs for professional training and participates in projects of humanitarian and non-gov institutions and organizations.