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Computer schools Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 79
  • Tram: 2, 5, 10

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Useful information

ACTION - ENTRY English- crash course in one month - price 9990.00

training center for computer literacy, foreign languages and accounting WIZARD is located in the center of Belgrade at Makenzijeva 32/11, near the square stalker. WIZARD Center was opened in early 2007.

pleasant and positive atmosphere at the Center Wizard, proven methods and will allow you to very easy and simple way to learn and master the most difficult tasks. Teachers are professionals in their work with years of experience, which combined with modern equipment and comfortable working space makes a perfect condition for easy mastering. Permanent access will allow you to expand your knowledge in the field that interests you.

education or professional training necessary for advancement and business, and the plan of life. Acquiring knowledge and skills in different areas, you are creating a sound basis for improving their current position. You only join us and learn with other people with similar interests and plans.

By listening to customer needs and standards of modern education, we have designed and customized training programs on the computer with all the individual and complete the courses required for career advancement as well as for home computing. We provide you the opportunity to quickly gain a comprehensive knowledge and operational ability to use many computer programs, from basic - all necessary, to highly specialized professional.

teaching accounting is done on computers in the professional program in Calculus. From the beginning, you will gain knowledge and practice. With the selected books and audio materials to fully master the language some of the world whether you are a beginner or have the knowledge. Create classes to suit your needs at a time when it suits you, in consultation with our professional team of trainers!
Test your knowledge completely free. A foreign language can be learned by anyone at any age. Learning a new language is always a challenge, and if we approach it the right way, can be very enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Our goal is to enable students to use a foreign language in a short period of extension in all situations. Access to the oral-visual-kinesthetic use and with a tendency to develop physical, social and emotional side of personality.

tzv.komunikativnog methodology is the type where the grammar and vocabulary entirely in the service of communication. After arriving in Center Wizard, all new students are tested in order to be properly directed to the group to learn according to their level of knowledge. Testing is free and does not require students to enroll in the course. During the regular attendance of courses you can track your progress.

Our courses include exams that you can check what you have learned and how.

Renting and bilingual diplomas including: Serbian and English, Serbian and Italian, Serbian and German, Serbian and French, Serbian and Greek, Serbian and Spanish that do not require further interpretation by a court interpreter .

We have provided you computer courses such as:

Computer Courses

1 . Bussines - Basic level of 7900.00
2 Bussines - Advanced Level 7900.00
3 Graphic Design - Photoshop and Coreldraw 18600.00
4 Web Design - Flash and Dreamweawer 18600.00
5 Photoshop - Advanced level 15600.00
6 Access - 9900.00
7 Adobe Illustrator - 15600.00
8 Adobe Indesign - 15600.00
9th QuarkXPress - 15600.00

The courses cover a wide range of computer programs needed for everyday use. Each of them can be attended as individual applications.

foreign language courses such as:

1 English 17200.00
2 Italian 17800.00
3 German 19200.00
4 Greek 17800.00
5 French 17800.00
6 Spanish 17800.00
7 Foreign languages - Individual courses 29600.00

course accountant

1 Accounting course (group lessons) - 17800.00
2 Bookkeeping (individual lessons) - 29800.00

1 The course covers the business secretary - 19200.00
a) Business uses computers
b) Typing
c) Business correspondence

2 Typist course - 15,000.00

We are able to offer group and individual lessons, depending on your needs with the option of paying in installments.

For a detailed overview of our offerings and further information can be found on our website or you'll get a response from our mail-a

We would like you to be satisfied with our services and you just be the best estimate and further recommendations for our work.


CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd
CENTER WIZARD Computer schools Beograd