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  • Bus: 24, 26, 79
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Informatika ad is one of the largest Microsoft partners in Serbia. Authorized to sell all types of licensed Microsoft products - from individual licenses to the licensing of companies with more than 250 computers. In Informatica ad There is a special sales department that helps customers to legalize Microsoft software. Software you use for business purposes should be legal, in accordance with the legal obligation of copyright protection. Using illegal software is a high risk business, because in that case you do not have the right to upgrade and update software, nor to free technical support. Illegal software is for these reasons may be unstable, causing loss of data, necessary for normal work!
On the other hand, the use of illegal software is punishable by law - a fine or confiscation of computers. You should also know that the Tax Office has formed a special unit of trained inspectors, software that checks the legality of legal persons on the territory of Serbia. Informatika ad you can help: INSTRUCTIONS on how to determine if your software is legitimate; · Council for the legalization of software in the fastest and most efficient way; • Offer of which is designed specifically for your needs! Microsoft is the world\\\\\\\'s largest software maker with many different products and the purchase of licenses can be achieved in several ways. That is why the ad Informatics suggest that you visit them to determine the best software and procurement for you.