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Management Strategies Consulting Ltd.
is a modern and dynamic company with consulting team of financial professionals is at your service to solve all your dilemmas about the financial performance and the best possible way to provide administrative support for your business.

Professional team Management Consulting Strategies offers the following:
* Registration services and establishment, registration of representative offices of foreign legal entities,
* A virtual office and transferring our address for your newly formed company headquarters,
* Complete bookkeeping and accounting services,
* Financial consulting, and tax consulting,
* Development of a business plan and internal audit services both large and small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Efficient, accurate and professional performance of our services adapt to the specifics of each individual client.

registration services and of establishment involves the following activities:

1. Comprehensive counseling throughout the process:
* Choice of legal form through the answers to the question of whether the specific case to establish favorable action or enterprise;
* Defining the core business, and the company and all other activities;
* The choice of the name (title) of your company and check the availability of the chosen name (name);
* Information on fixed operating costs: taxes on income or profits, compulsory social security contributions founder and director, tax and social security contributions for employed workers, taxes to highlight companies and the like;
* Registration in the VAT system: the mandatory requirements and benefits of voluntary entry into the VAT system, the choice of strategy;
* The obligation of having the cash register;
* Employment: types of work engagement through contracts and other agreements, the obligations of employers;
* Answers to other questions related to future performance.

2. Making the founding act of the company and verified by the court;
* Decision / Agreement of incorporation (incorporation documents)
* OP form
3. Recieving Solutions for Business Registers Agency - VAT;
4. Company seal;
5. Open a checking account in a commercial bank and payment of equity;
6. Commencement of work in the relevant Tax Authority;
7. Login Employee Pension Fund and the government funds for social and health insurance.

a virtual office and transferring our address for your newly formed company headquarters:

Management Consulting Strategies Ltd and enables offering to rent our virtual office in order to be presented in a better light, have access to private offices, and reduce costs.
This is great for setting alternatva fully equipped offices and reduce your initial costs related to office space and headquarters company, plus a virtual office service within our company and allows registration of company headquarters at our address in Belgrade.

This service is designed for individuals and legal entities that wish to create a prestigious presence on the Serbian market. This solution is ideal for the beginnings of the new market, small business or business who works from home, and for those who want to expand into new markets without additional risk.

Accounting Services: We have knowledge in the field of local and international accounting practices. We offer you a complete range of professional accounting services, financial reporting, payroll services and employee communications services with tax authorities and compliance obligations of ordinary taxpayers with the Act.
* Personal income employees
* Production
* Accounting and tax records and other tax liabilities
* Final showdown
* Download, delivery, storage, protection and archiving documents and data from the accounting
* Users representation before the authorities for financial control activities with full responsibility for accounting and bookkeeping tasks
* Other financial transactions-accrued interest, IOS, making decisions and rules on the list, quarterly financial reporting and the like.
* General ledger
* Conducting analytical book:
* Customers, suppliers,
* Fixed Assets
* Goods, materials, finished products

Record-keeping in accordance with IFRS and the national framework of financial reporting, general ledger, management of analytical books (buyers and suppliers, fixed assets, goods, materials and finished products), preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and the national framework of financial reporting, payroll and keeping records of employees, making special balance (liquidation, rehabilitation, Consolidated, The division, the balance of fusion and so on.) Accounting Consulting (interpretation of certain IFRS), making notes to financial statements, drafting regulations on accounting policies in accordance with IFRS and national financial framework reporting, accounting organization (establishment and improvement of accounting functions, workflow and systems of internal accounting controls).

Tax consulting: preparation of tax reports and financial statements for companies and individuals, tax review, preparation and submission of tax returns and forms for businesses and individuals, tax advice and opinions in tax assessment and tax optimization, tax representation before the competent authorities, tax consulting in order to reduce tax liabilities within the law, tax planning, litigation support, internal and avoiding international double taxation.