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Car Cosmetics Belgrade

Useful information

At our retail store located at 24a Trise Kaclerovica street you will find car parts for:

- HONDA vehicles
- TOYOTA vehicles
- SUZUKI vehicles
- MAZDA vehicles
- HYUNDAI vehicles
- MITSUBISHI vehicles
- Other brands of vehicles

Centar S – a car service from Belgrade – has been in business since 1967. We are located in Bolec and are probably one of the best equipped car services in the region. Our company also includes a SERVICE CENTER for passenger and light cargo vehicles. Our car service is organized in a way that allows the customers to solve all their car troubles in one spot. We work on offer light car servicing and precise diagnostics, services of professional and experienced staff. We also offer a huge selection of spare parts from original, premium brands and the highest quality metal and paintwork available in our country. We will be able to solve even the most complicated malfunctions with the least possible amount of stress for our clients and in the shortest possible time.


CENTAR S Car Cosmetics Beograd
CENTAR S Car Cosmetics Beograd
CENTAR S Car Cosmetics Beograd