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Address: 87 Bulevar Zorana Djindjica st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/301-77-90, 066/516-2-516 // 060/727-4455

4.5/ 5stars

Step by Step is a private preschool institution for children aged 1-7. Our program has been certified by the Ministry of education. Our working hours are from 7AM to 6PM.

The interior of the kindergarten is fully customized to make children feel comfortable and safe. One of our advantages is that we are located near three parks where the children can have fun outdoors.

Our second daycare is located at Banovo hill in a beautiful house in a peaceful neighborhood near Kosutnjak. The house has three stories and a lot of space for children. There is also a large yard with lots of shade where children can play, explore and have fun in nature.

What sets us apart from others at Step by Step is that children can learn to speak English as though it were their native language because at Step by Step we learn English through every day communication, playtime and fun. This way of learning languages is quick and easy and children have no trouble expressing their skills, needs and feelings in English.

At Step by Step we work in small groups so that every child has enough attention span and the ability to learn new skills at their own pace.

The founders of Step by Steps have lived and graduated in pedagogy in Canada so that this special program of learning English as a native language is highly interactive and operates following a North-American system. Our program involves developing social, creative and linguistic skills through play, singing, music, various activities and interesting topics of the month.

Our caretakers have been carefully selected not only because of their high levels of education and English language knowledge but also based on their personal qualities and dedication to children.

Even though the concept of Step by Step is to give children the opportunity to learn English through everyday communication and activities, we mustn’t forget that at that early stage of development social skills such as teamwork, self-control, self-confidence, curiosity, understanding and communication are also important. We learn to share, listen, help and take care of each-other.