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The company MOND-PLAN is here, but since 2005. was successful in organizing one of the most important days of your life. Behind us are many successfully organized weddings and other celebrations, in front of us - hopefully, many more happy events in whose creation we will participate. Due to great pressure on the organization of the wedding - bride and overlook things that are, after all, a very important branch / documents required for marriage in the municipality, the church, / but here we are that they show all the necessary actions to be taken up by the day wedding. Of course, you begin to search for restaurants. While you round of all restaurants for which you have heard, not knowing whether they fit your requirements - remember what you have, in fact, wanted. You will receive an offer of restaurants, as well as their images, with all necessary information. We save time! And the price you would get yourself to go to this restaurant is the same as the one we offer you. Decoration of the room where you make your wedding / all that will remain in the memory / is a very important part of any organization. To make the space look like in a fairy tale - you have the necessary covers for chairs, beautifully arranged as a youthful, floral arrangements, balloons, or you may already have an idea which we will easily be realized! Upholstery for chairs with bows, the color of your choice, will do, and some not so attractive space - room out of a fairytale! All the following elements of decoration, such as, for example - balloons, will help you feel like a real princess or prince. Flower arrangements are an opportunity to show how much you are really creative - or, let us help you realize your creativity! Imagine one of our custom of some of / most / elderly relatives standing at the door of restaurants and points where guests sit under the previous verbal agreement with the newlyweds. Well, while he or she kissed and greet / again / with everyone you know - go half a wedding. And uninformed guests sit where they arrive? That's why we offer professional hostess who will, according to the list, direct guests to their seats. . Music is a very important part of the celebration, this we know very well. No need to go every evening to another restaurant or club and you will hear all of us have in one place. OK, you might think it's great to go out every night, but, believe me - but after three sleepless nights you will fall to me to be alone Latite microphone and shorten the suffering itself in finding the right band. There are still many things that are related to the wedding, and you can forget it, but here we are - to help you! Your wedding is important to us! Prices that you say we are identical with those that get to directly contact a service provider! We found the shortest and most beautiful way to your happiness! - Decoration (cars, apartments, restaurants, churches ...) - Wedding dresses / suits / shoes - Limousines - Photographers - Invitations - Make up, hair ... - Music, dance ... - Animation - Coordination and Protocol - Catering - Jewelers - restaurants, pastry shops, hotels ... - Marriage Trip - Figures from the ice - Pyrotechnics - Flowershop - Balloons - Candles - Ornaments professional hostess who will, according to the list, direct guests to their seats. .