Delivery Belgrade

Address: 15 Cetinjska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 060/3349-778, 065/3349-778

4.5/ 5stars

In the menu of K2 restaurant you can find all the most famous dishes of Chinese cuisine. The food is packaged in special delivery dishes so that with swift and accurate delivery the food arrives warm and fresh, directly from the wok.

Food delivery in Belgrade is very popular, especially in the workplace or during the working hours when you come back home from work because Chinese food is good for delivery especially because the pratical packaging in which it stays warm for a long time.

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K2 restaurant offers free delivery and has very low minal offers requirement, so you can order just a single portion for yourself and have our team deliver it to you at work or home. Also if you are out of cash, you can pay online - we accept credit cards.

We are sure you will be more than happy with our excellent food. Choose your favorite Chinese dish or try something completely new. Order Chinese food from K2 restaurant and swift and free delivery arrives to you in record time.