Delivery Belgrade

Address: 165v Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd // Mutapova 5-7, Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/222-54-67 // 011/4041-555

4.5/ 5stars



The authentic, interesting and warm atmosphere, where every detail is specially designed and uniquely handcrafted, gives you a unique experience even if you just stopped by to drink coffee, try the souffle with raspberry sauce and a ball of ice cream or some of the exquisite desserts

Rich offer includes a Chicago style pizza, made by a unique and secret recipe of our cuisine

Chicago style dough is slightly thicker than the classic Italian dough, golden yellow color, crunchy outside and soft inside perfect taste and rich quality ingredients

The special offer includes a variety of pasta, dough that is made with egg yolks thirty, with a rich combination of ingredients that give the most diverse tastes.

While enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of knowing that every dish will be fresh and stored will know why your pizza bar Heppy place