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Address: 28 Kneza Milosa st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 064/356-7763, 063/374-664, 011/409-3112

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Dental studio Savić & Team is located in the municipality of Stari Grad, Knez Milos street, number 28, on the corner with Bircaninova Street (entrance to the office of Bircaninova street number 14). After many years of experience and work, we strive to provide our patients to have a healthy and aesthetically beautiful teeth. Complete dental service awaits you in one place, at very competitive prices.

The team of expert dentists led by Dr. Obren Savic and Dr. Sanja Markovi
c, their knowledge and years of experience in work, guarantees you the accuracy of the services of our dental practice. Different diseases of the mouth and teeth are eliminated with the help of modern equipment and materials for dental treatment.

Procedures such as the treatment of periodontal disease, correcting improperly grown teeth and making ceramic crowns, dental professionals are left, will return the perfect smile on your face. Our goal is to provide each patient a chance to smile with confidence in any situation.

We offer services Dental studio Savić & Team offers:

1. Restorative dentistry

- Esthetic restorations (fillings)
- Endodontic therapy (treatment of teeth)

2. Prosthodontics

- Crowns and bridges
- Metal free crowns
- Partial dentures
- Partial acrylic dentures
- Total acrylic prostheses
- Complete denture on implants
- Total acrylate braces with a skeletal base (Wisil prostheses)
- Installation Attachement the prosthesis (denture with clasp, with no visible hooks)

3. Preventive Dentistry

- Children's Dentistry
- Removal of soft deposits
- Sealants
- Fluoridation of teeth

4. Oral surgery

- Extraction of teeth poluimpaktiranih
- Extraction of impacted teeth
- Tooth extraction (removal)
- Resection of teeth
- implants

5. Periodontal surgery

- Flap surgery (treatment of periodontal disease surgically)
- Laser treatment of periodontal disease
- Recovery of the jawbone deputy to the bone (to oss)

Regular and thorough oral hygiene and regular dental visits greatly help a person to maintain healthy teeth until old age. When an individual takes care of their teeth at the same time taking care of their general health, vitality and good physical and mental state.

Staff dental practice Savić & Team is very professional in all kinds of routine and specialized services. The attention will listen and help you to have a smile is exactly as you want, while respecting your wishes and the weather.

Let your cares on the teeth with us becomes a pleasure!

Why choose a dental clinic Savić & Team? Because dental clinic Savić & Team excels:

- Individual approach
- State of the art dental services, equipment and materials
- High quality, modern technology
- Cooperation with top specialists
- Guarantee the service provided

Contact Information:

Address: Kneza Milosa 28
Mob: 064/356 77 63
Mobile: 063/374 664
Fixed: 011/409 3112