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Dental orthotics Belgrade

Useful information

Dental Practice Dentistry Rakic is located in Vozdovac, in the settlement Stepa Stepanovic, at 21 General Stefanik street, in Belgrade. We aim to provide a complete dental service, with the highest form of perfection in the work.

Our experienced dental team in its work uses the latest technology and materials to provide you perfect service and enabled to have a healthy and aesthetically beautiful teeth. Expert advice for dental care, will help you to save your teeth and can prevent major problems with them.

Domen services of our dentists apply to:

- Conventional dentistry - repairs and tooth extraction
- Removal of calculus with polishing the teeth, periodontal treatment pockets.
- Prosthodontics
- Making braces for children - placeholders teeth
- Orthodontics
- implantology
- Placing a porcelain crown

Special attention in our work is dedicated to our youngest patients. We believe it is very important from an early age children show the importance of cleaning and maintenance of dental hygiene in the mouth, as well as regular visits to the dentist, to the time found defects and deformations of the teeth and jaws.

If milk teeth to your toddler will soon be replaced by permanent teeth, our dental Dentistry Rakic can offer you create placeholders teeth, in the form of braces, which will prevent the abnormal growth of teeth and filling the necessary space for future permanent tooth.

We strive to provide our professional work and professional approach to our patients, eliminate the fear of the dentist, to make repairs and extractions, were less stressful experience for them. Also when it comes to dental prosthetics, we can also make for you dentures of high quality materials in a very short period of time.

Prosthodontics, porcelain crowns, tooth extraction and placeholders teeth at competitive prices in Belgrade.

Your best choice to perfect smile.

Contact Information:

Address: General Stefanik 21/7
Tel: 011/630 69 67
Mob: 064/127 21 91

Dental Practice Dentistry Rakic, Settlement Stepe Stepanovic 21, Belgrade


DENTISTRY RAKIĆ Dental orthotics Beograd
DENTISTRY RAKIĆ Dental orthotics Beograd
DENTISTRY RAKIĆ Dental orthotics Beograd