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Belgrade Phone: 011/2633-053, 062/178-17-69

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MORITA Dental X-Ray Center was established in 2010. Unlike other activities in the years of radiography, the year of foundation is important as in life, meaning the younger the better. We have digital X-ray apparatus of the last generation. All our machines are manufactured in 2010, tested and completely safe for work. The center is named just by manufacturer: J. Morita of Japan, which is in its long practice of dental equipment manufacturing took the lead in quality. Special are their X-ray machines whose accuracy can hardly be compared with any other manufacturer, and after many years of research have been able to reduce radiation levels to a minimum sufficient to produce crystal clear images, and completely safe for humans. Dentist employed at the Centre by law must approve any X-rays, which we also identified as the Center that the maximum is concerned about your safety and the necessity of your exposure to X-ray radiation. DENTAL X-RAY CENTER MORITA provides recording of all types of dental radiographs. 1. Digital orthopantograph * Standard * Orthoradial * Shadowless * Children (40% less radiation) 2. Digital recording of maxillary sinus 3. Digital recording of TM joint 4. Digital cephalometric * Profiles * Front 5. Digital recording of hand 6. Retroalveolar images of individual teeth Recordings can be made on film or CD, may also be sent by e-mail. If you want to get shot on film and on CD price increases. MORITA DENTAL X-RAY CENTER FRANCE 25 / I TEL: +381 11 2633 053 MOB: +381 62 178 1769 E-mail: