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Your smile is the basic, fundamental element of your personality. It is a reflection of your inner self.

It is a reflection of your nature and character. Healthy and attractive, the smile is a reflection of your life.

It may result from positive energy.

MVB is the place from which you will take this positive energy, transformed into the amazing smile of a healthy and successful man.

Range of services:

Zoom Whitening

Your smile is important. That's the first thing you notice when you meet someone. Whiter and brighter smile can help you feel better and leave an unforgettable impression. Your lifestyle and the aging can affect the color of your teeth. Many things such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine and cigarettes can contribute to darker teeth.
Bleaching can zoom vratititi shine your teeth in just 45 minutes!

Dental prosthetics

- Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
- Denture
- Skeleton moves
- Telescope crowns
- Partial dentures from acrylic flexible, soft, anti-allergy
- Combined work


- Flap surgery
- Gingivoplasty
- Mwro
- SMAT (free gingival graft)
- Filling of bone defects

Oral Surgery

- Tooth Extraction
- Extraction of impacted (impacted) teeth
- Resection
- Surgery for cysts
- Leveling the ridge


- Implant Nobel Biocare, Straumann
- Bio Gide
- Bio Oss


Correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaws

- Mobile (active or passive) device
- Fixed appliance

Pediatric Dentistry

- The patient's motivation for proper oral hygiene
- Prevention of dental caries
(Twice yearly fluoride and dental sealants milk and permanent teeth)
- Getting rid of bad habits
- Monitoring the shift teeth
- Repair and treatment of primary and permanent teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry
Additional Services

In order to beauty in the person, in addition to gleaming teeth and gums, we are your people and embellishment.

- Permanent makeup
- Anti-aging program (photo facial skin rejuvenation)
- Mesotherapy


In order to provide our patients out to meet we provide various payment methods. It is possible to pay with VISA, Diners, Master Card.

To satisfy the capabilities of all patients have the option agreement and pay in monthly installments.

Our team of experts

Spec. Mirjana Milutiović - owner of the practice
Maja Miladinovic - dentist
Ass. Spring Maslać
Faculty of Belgrade University and MMA