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Dermo cosmetic Belgrade

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Aesthetic medicine
Inner health, outside beauty

Restore your 10 years younger appearance

Many people aren't aware that rejuvenation is not just a matter of personal satisfaction and need but also the environment we are in and people we encounter. They also aren't aware of the impression they give with tired-looking, dried skin without gloss and face with developed ageing signs, the depression of the middle region of the face, sunken cheeks, accentuated eye sockets as a consequence of skeletization after the age of 40. This kind of face with present nascobial and glabear crease give the impression of chronic tiredness, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and lifestyle. The person with this kind of appearance seems tired and unhappy. This can have professional and private consequences which are usually accompanied with a 40-50 age crisis and solving these issues can restore anyone's confidence and help them affirm themseves.

Therapy options and choices
Guided by ethical principles of treatment Shen Medical Spa Center for the purpose improving the health and appearance of the entire organism and skin.

- Microdermalabrasion
- Chemical peeling
- Medical cosmetology
- 3D mesionites
- PRP therapy
- Non-surgical face remodeling using hyaluronic fillers
- Mesiotherapy
- RF treatment



In Chinese culture the human organism is a conjugation of harmony and indivisibility within the three elements: the physical, psychological and energy.

An old Chinese proverb says: "There are three treasures in the sky: the sun, the moon and the stars. There are three treasures on the ground: the water, the fire and the earth. There are three treasures in the human organism: the Jing, the Qi and the Shen.@

Therefore the three fundamental elements that manifest life are:
JING - essence, matter. Maintains and feeds life. The simplest of all three elements>
QI - energy, breathing. ANimates and makes life what it is: our bond with the Universe and cosmos
SHEN - mind/awareness. The unbreakable part of physical that gives it depth, glow, intensity and awareness. It is the most subtle element of human life.


Tortoise - longevity, vitality


Defined by the International SPA association, MEDICAL SPA center is an institution whose primary goal is to provide all-inclusive medical and wellness care in a single environment. Medical SPA center integrates spa services with the conventional and complimentary therapies and manners of treatment.

Unlike the Day Spa centers Medical Spa center also offers medical and aesthetic services. The medical SPA center works with the constant presence of the doctor and is able to utilize the highest quality products while yielding the most prestigious results. As such it is the perfect balance between clinical and luxurious.


As the first Medical Spa center in Serbia it is our mission to become and remain leaders in providing the highest quality services in the area of prevention and advancement of the psychological, physical health and wellbeing as well as in the area of aesthetics the latest qualitative categories of human living. By perfecting ourselves and our methods and using the latest therapy approach and innovative technology it is our goal to achieve prestigious and long term results wiht 98% satisfaction of clients and retaining 75% of our total clientelle.


As a medical Spa Center we help every individual to eliminate the harmful effects of stress, advance their health and life quality. We help families to live healthy, happy and balanced lives and achieve better results while extending their lifespan while changing the world we live in.


The uniqueness of SHEN medical spa center lies in the innovation concept that relies on the experience in the area of clinical medicine and usage of schientifically proven and latest therapy approach and technologies in the area of conventional, complementary and aesthetic medicine which stands out as an educational cente rof sorts.

The constant presence of a doctor who supports all the services provided in the center and dictates the concept and selection of offered services which synergize with the basic mission and goal of our work which includes prevention and advancement of health within all the quantitative and qualification categories, physical, psychological and aesthetic.

This means that in the service of achieving the high quality and reliable service to our clients and the results of treatment we offer high quality services, technologies and materials of which every one has a medical preface.

Guided by the importance of balance between the physical and the spiritual, between the conventional and old eastern medicine, guided by World Health Organization's definition of health as a state of psychological, physical and soial wellbeing and absence of any inability and JING, Qi and SHEN principles we wanted to make a symbiosis of both of these methods. We have become the leader and educator of every client or group on their path to achieving change and the desired quality of life and health. Until achieving functional SHEN principle which we know as 'In healthy body, healthy spirit'.

So that all the procedures are pleasant for our clients in accordance with SHEN innovation, Medical Spa Center is designed as a junction of a clinic, spa center, simplicity and luxury.





































SHEN MEDICAL SPA Dermo cosmetic Beograd
SHEN MEDICAL SPA Dermo cosmetic Beograd
SHEN MEDICAL SPA Dermo cosmetic Beograd