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Disinfection Belgrade

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Manufacturing Company, sanitation, transport and services DDD TRAFFIC export-import doo from Belgrade, No. 61 Gocka street is specialized in providing services in disinfection, pest and rodent control, by more than 15 years of implementing measures of the health care of the population from its activities. Today the Company D.D.D. TRAFFIC is a highly specialized and operational staff (20 employees PRS, a specialist-an epidemiologist, an agronomist-engineer the plant protection, veterinary doctor of medicine) and the right equipment for jobs, both in peacetime and in emergency situations.
In the field of disinfection and sterilization company DDD TRAFFIC done: - pest field (after the flood and the discharge of waste water) - pest and neutralization of agricultural land - disinfestation facilities and items of general use - pest transport equipment - pest of water facilities and water system - pest ventilation systems in health care and other labor organizations - pest system for production and processing of foods (milk, meat, juices, beer, etc.). - pest animal facilities and accommodation for the occurrence of zoonoses and epizooties Company D.D.D. TRAFFIC perform the following tasks in the field of pest: - control cockroaches, ants, flies, beetles, moths and bugs in homes and business premises of the organization - Suppression of mosquito (larvae, adults and home form) - pest control food and merchandise (fosforvodonikom fumigation of cereals, flour and flour products, beans, rice, coffee, spices, almonds, peanuts, nuts, wool, cotton, leather, etc.). - Suppression of extremities-parasite of humans and animals - control of ticks
In the field of pest control company D.D.D. TRAFFIC done: - rodent control in the housing stock (in the public and private property) - rodent control room work organizations - rodent free and green spaces - rodent control in garbage dumps, construction sites, cemeteries Company D.D.D. TRAFFIC perform the following tasks: - weed control (total and selective herbicides) - Preventive care facilities during the construction of settlements cockroaches and ants) Listed company affairs D.D.D. TRAFFIC conducted systematically or on call. For the services company D.D.D. TRAFFIC guaranteed effect in a period of time.


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DDD PROMET D.O.O. Disinfection Beograd
DDD PROMET D.O.O. Disinfection Beograd