Disinfection Belgrade

Address: 15/7 Venizelosova st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 064/197-4840, 061/2030-632

4.5/ 5stars

The Ema&San company organizes a promotion for all households in the Stari Grad territory which require disinfection or deratization of apartments or establishments.

All kinds of services in the entire territory of the city at regular conditions have an approved discount and benefits for all of our services.

Expertly and efficiently we destroy cockroaches, bugs, yellow and black ants and other varmints.

The disinfection is done with attested products approved by the Ministry of Health. This product is currently the most efficient and safest means of pest control in the world even in areas like kitchens, hospitals, kindergartens...

The product is odorless and works by contact. There's no need to aerate, close or leave the treated area. It is completely harmless for children and pets.