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Distribution of drinks Belgrade
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“Tok distillery” is owned by the family Urosevic and has over half a century long tradition of producing highest quality fruit ‘rakia’, while respecting the highest standards of quality. By combining decades of tradition and modern knowledge in the area of making strong alcoholic drinks, we make excellent rakia from roasted plums and products from distilled plums that we are widely known for.

Our story begins in the 70s when the owner and founder of Tok Distillery Veroljub Ljuba Urosevic, as a young engineer of technology in producing strong alcoholic beverages, began realizing his childhood dream. On the sides of Mt. Goc above Kraljevo, on his parents’ and grandparents’ land, he gradually developed the idea of creating a modern distillery that will one day be famous for producing the highest quality plum distillates.

Today the distillery Tok occupies five acres of land on Goc mountain, at 810m above sea level. In addition to distillery objects in our family estate there are also plantation of native plum breeds such as red Ranka, Pozegaca and Trnovaca and some hybrids of Cacanska rodna and Cacanska lepotica.

Three generations of educated food technicians from the Urosevic family takes care of the entire production process. Raw ingredients from our own production, applying selected layers of yeast, controlled fermentation, double fraction distillation, years of ageing and nurturing all result in products that are widely famous for their quality and character.

For ageing and keeping distillates we use barrels made out of century-old oak trees, growing on the Stolovi and Goc mountains. The barrels have been made in the same workshop for centuries and only per our own request.

Our “Tok” distillery currently offers three products which are made in limited series on a yearly basis:

- Tok® - plum-based product aged to 3 years reflects all the beauty and synergy of the floral plum flavors and the gentle influence of oak casing. Soft, silky and mildly sharp flavor as well as a rich aroma with hints of flowers and spice, makes this rakia a must-try.

- Stom® - a special herbal rakia that pushes the borders when it comes to plum base and medicinal herbs. By employing cold maceration, 16 types of healing herbs from the Goc mountain we preserve the freshness and healing properties of what makes our microclimate unique. What reflects the complexity of this rakia is our carefully selected combination where no plant is overpowering the others but they all make a unique blend.

- Zlatni Tok® – refined plum-based rakia aged to 5 years. We’ve been making this type of rakia in small series since the 70s. It’s perfectly balanced flavor is a mixture of over 170 new and delicious flavors – legume, woody to sweet and aromatic, spice, fruit and floral notes.

Make a toast in all your special occasions with the highest quality rakias of unique character and flavor!