Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Address: 7 Uzun Mirkova st., Centar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2622-189, 063/480-000

4/ 5stars

Restaurant with a tradition of 50 years.

Restaurant Brankovina is typical Belgrade restaurant, located at the corner of Uzun Mirko and former trolley bus turntable, near Kalemegdan.

It represents a real inn in Belgrade. Warm, big, loud, homey, it smells like boiled brandy and homemade food.

The ambiance, high ceilings, comfortable chairs and air-conditioned rooms, specialties of our national cuisine - these are all features of this restaurant.

Brankovina is the Serbian national cuisine restaurant.

We organize parties, weddings, business lunches.

Restaurant local cuisine offers many dishes, all of which offer stands veal tripe in my head, gourmet tripe, fried calf's feet, fried brain as well as grilled meat and with charcoal.

Come and see the friendly staff will always meet