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Porta de lux Ltd. Your safety comes first! Our company's main specialty is sales and installation of security doors. In addition to that we also produce aluminum and PVC joinery, interior doors as well as ingrave plates and signs.

Security Doors
Our assortment comprises of made to measure security doors with any characteristics specified by the client as well as imported standard-sized doors which we bring in from China and security doors for homes from Spain. We service security doors with or withotu an expired guarantee period, both those purchased from us or elsewhere.  For emergency interventions we have a 24-hour service on standby at all times! We guarantee a professional team will go out into the field in the shortest possible period.
Security Doors To Measure
• Security doors with cash register locks from renown Italian brands Mottura or Cisa with reinforced steel belt which protects against drilling and breaking in
• Framed doors from reinforced steel profile sheet metal, 2mm thick and laminated in RAL chart colours.
• Frame nesting made from 35x35 or 50x30 profiles, 2mm thick
• Enterior of the profiles reinforced with 4 vertical proppings from ZP profiles, 2mm thick
• Outside of the door is completely plated in 2mm sheet metal
• Thermo and sound isolation is provided by a wool or styrofoam filling, set between the steel plates inside the door.
• Ballpoint bearings on the hinges facilitate the opening and closing of the doors.
• Wide-angle peep hole
Standard dimension safety doors

Our company cooperates with Chinese manufacturers from Zheijang province who are, after decades of experience, today the largest exporters of security doors for the European market. The security doors were made to European standards with replacable cylinders.
• Metal doors, upholstered in PVC foil or MDF.
• Dimensions: 90x202; 100x205;
• thermal and sound isolation
• Two independent locks
• 15 to 18 safety bars
• Cylinders made to European standards
• Coded keys
• 4 reinforced hinges
• Doorframe nesting thickness 7cm
• Tin thickness on the nesting from 0.8 to 1mm
• Tin thickness on the frames 1.6mm
Safety doors for homes
We also offer safety doors by the Spanish company ANDREU which has been present in the European market since 1970. Metal doors made by this manufacturer fulfill the highest standards of quality. ANDREU security doors are made from galvanized steel which is highly resistant to corosion and can therefore be installed outdoors as well. Quality and durable paintwork (made to RAL's colour palette) guarantee longevity.
ALU and PVC joinery
In production of aluminum joinery we've opted for the Greek Elvial profiles. They can be with or without thermo disruption in standard colours - white, brown and gray. The frames we use are made by German manufacturer ROTO or Greek Signia. PVC joinery is made to measure from high quality profiles of the known German brand Thyssen. These are firm PVC profiles which makes them last long, being resistant to outside influences. Thanks to five-chamber technology we achieve a high degree of sound and thermo isolation. In addition to Tisen we also offer joinery from Turkish four-chamber Winehouse profiles with excellent price-quality ratio, making it an attractive offer. Roto german frames ensure the longevity of the PVC joinery. In our offer we also have other carpentry equipment: ALU and PVC blinds, rolling and fixed mosquito webs, window boards and dripping edges.