Dry-cleaning Belgrade

Address: 22g Spanskih boraca st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2129-554, 062/393-303

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Free transportation for services above 1500rsd.

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FRESH VES company was founded in 2008 and offers the following services: laundry drying, ironing, dry cleaning. The capacity of 1600kg of cleaned laundry per day and the experience of our employees are the guarantee of swift and quality service.


1. FRESH VES I, 22g Spanskih boraca, shop 5, New Belgrade, Phone: 21 29 554, 060/331 00 17, recieving and returning goods.
Working hours: workdays: 8AM - 9PM, Saturdays: 8AM - 6PM, option of emergency service in 3 hours

2. FRESH VES II: 120V Milutina Milankovica (near Maxi), New Belgrade, Phone: 060/331 00 18, recieving and returning goods
Working hours: workdays 8AM - 6:30M, Saturdays: 8AM - 3PM.

The laundry is washed and sorted for every client based on various factors such as the kind of fabrics, level of contamination, type of processing and more.

When cleaning the laundry we utilize various kinds of detergent purpose made for cleaning services and all of them are eco-friendly.

The laundry is delivered in special PVC foils. We own our own vehicle for laundry delivery.

In our work we respect the procedures of cleaning , drying, ironing, folding and delivery as well as disinfection.

The refined process utilizes only the latest equipment and is one of the main reason our services are so highly valued.

Only the ironing is charged 70% of the price-list goods value.

The area where our cleaning services re located are equipped specifically for our work.

All our products satisfy the ISO 9001,14001 standards.

We dye cotton clothing.

Your goods will be returned to you colored, dried and ironed in our own packaging. Note that the thread usually doesn't get dyed because threads tend to be made from synthetic fibers.


With well-developed Italian technology dyeing is done using specialized equipment.

All pieces of soft leather are dry-cleaned and can be colored to your preference. We use the highest quality dyes, bases, colors and varnishes by Biar (Mi) Italy.

(We enabled this service in cooperation with our friends POPS ltd. from Belgrade)


The services of washing, ironing, maintaining and transporting the laundry in addition to individuals are available to businesses such as:

- Belgrade arena hotel Tulip Inn Putnik
- Hotel Europa
- Dr. Ristic health center
- Grand Casino
- Klacska Jugoslavia
- X Gymnasium
- Dobric Polyclinic
- Quercus
- And others

We proudly inform you that we were the only certified laundry service in charge of UNIVERSIADE BELGRADE 2009 where we daily serviced over 4000 athletes.