Ekology Belgrade

Address: 6 Stevana Brakusa st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/7541-283, 065/888-88-25

4.5/ 5stars

For a cleaner environment you can't work without us!
Clean, practical and ecologically clean booths, don't need bot be connected to waterworks or sewers.
The cabin reservoir is 280l which enables safe weekly usage up to 15 persons, so servicing and emptying of the booths is in a weekly cycle. Emptying is done with special vehicles, the reservoir is after the emptying filled with a disinfections product which satisfies all the ecological and sanitary norms and prevents the development of bacteria and unpleasant odors.
Atrik-Boxi provides fast and accurate delivery, weekly cleaning and fecal disposal, maintenance of the technical accuracy of the booths, disinfections liquid and toilet paper.
There is a possibility of long term and short term (minimum one month).
The lease price includes: - delivery, installing and taking away of the booth - cleaning in case of long term lease (once a week) which includes, emptying, outfreight and disposal of fecal, washing, filling of the tank with new liquid, disinfections - 2 rolls of toilet paper
The price of the lease is daily, formed based on: - the number of booths - usage period - location
If you are interested, send us elements for forming the price, and we will be happy to give you our offer.