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FACULTY OF Aesthetics and Cosmetology

Three-year program accredited by the European Union.


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Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetology

University of Natural Medicine

Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetology Serbia and Center for aesthetics and beauty are non-governmental organizations based in Belgrade, separated from political, religious or other organizations and do not discriminate against people based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality, color, disability the right to work and the right to education, rights to knowledge and education.

After years of practise, both NGOs have stood out in scientific research, market research, publishing books, videos, specialized movies, lecturing, training, seminars, courses and other forms of dissemination of knowledge, each in its own field and statutes of the objectives and tasks.

Quality, professionalism, modernity, seriousness, dedication, experience and selflessness in our work was recognized by the American University of natural medicine, which has acreditted every one of our seminars and courses as its subject, considering we have spent many years in the introduction of the strict standards of the University of Natural Medicine education in our seminars, courses and professional training. All of our candidates who successfully pass the required courses and seminars by the University of Natural Medicine, are eligible for graduation at the University of natural medicine and a diploma, which our two non-governmental organizations take pride in and which is a great reward for our candidates as well as for ourselves . It must be recognized that it is rare that one prominent institutions such as the University of natural medicine, recognize the quality of the work and award the franchise and license our two non-governmental organizations to represent the general representative for Southeast Europe, with headquarters in Belgrade. With this step, the University of natural medicine certainly has given its importance as a center of Belgrade and culture and education in this part of Europe.

All of our seminars, training courses and professional training is conducted by the most qualified teachers in their field, carefully selected by the standards of the University of natural medicine as per the standards of our two non-governmental organizations, including PhDs, masters, masters, assistants and demonstrators.

Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CEKOS) brings people of various profiles who are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle in Serbia, among which there are those who have officially gained positions in the field of natural medicine and who have studied abroad.
Cekos at this time, directly or indirectly, is cooperating with the most famous experts/doctors in the field of natural medicine in the United States, such as Danny Vierra, Divna Unipan, Charlotte Gerson, Lauren Day, Jay Kordic, Agatha Thrash, Hans Diehl, Neil Nidle ...
These specialists include, among other things, the authors of numerous books-bestsellers on health, which can be found on the website under the heading free literature, lifestyle and manage health centers and are frequent lecturers and television customers in the United States.

Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetology, CEKOS, responsible for 118 courses and professional training, Nušićeva 12a, Belgrade, floor

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Welcome to the center of beauty and health

Dear visitor,
We welcome you to the center of beauty and health and before you open the door to a multitude of modern and traditional methods and the forgotten ways to care for your body and spirit.

Modern civilization has completely fettered man in his need to live and feel in nature. For this reason, we tend to go back to the nature of man as much as possible in terms of urban modern life.
Modern medicine is based on our principles of treating the consequences that arise as different diseases: obesity, substance abuse, heart disease and vascular disease, cancer, mental disorders, systemic diseases, etc.. All the above mentioned diseases can adversely affect the physical health and beauty. One can not function separately from the rhythm of their soul, just as the cheerful spirit does not reside in a sick body. For this reason we foster a holistic approach to man.

Our center was founded with its 12 departments from all areas which deals with natural medicine, aesthetics, cosmetology and aesthetic care, spiritual counseling, and the like. Some of the departments are under the jurisdiction of other professional institutions with whom we have a professional collaboration.

In the center you can get the services and advice in the field of aesthetics, hair care, styling, pedicures, manicures, nail extensions, waxing, massages, make-up, fitness, healthy eating, applying cosmetics, facial, dietetics, cellulite treatment, advice on with the style of dress, counseling entertainers and celebrities, treatment and therapy methods for natural medicine university, you can practice and work on physical activity, and how to change lifestyle and do everything that makes a person beautiful and healthy both in body and in spirit, with the best prices. Our goal is not profit! Our goal is to have a healthy and cheerful friends!

Achieve harmony between mind and body is our main task. A skilled team of health and beauty center is at your disposal for any consultation, and support issues.
We also urge all people of good will who are interested in cooperation and education, as well as all those who feel a responsibility to one's self and need to be treated as the single source of prosperity and wealth, join our team.

We wish you much health and beauty
Your center of beauty and Health, University of Natural Medicine

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