Fast food Belgrade

Address: 10l Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/228-3050, 061/300-5753

4.5/ 5stars

With the desire to offer you a high quality and delicious meal in any company we make all our dishes using fresh and carefully selected ingredients. In our offer that includes a complete meal for you and your employees we offer the highest quality pasta, sandwiches, meal salads, omelettes and pancakes.

To all fans of Italian cuisine we recommend our unique pastas that will delight you from the first bite, as well as our classic sandwiches served in home-baked, always fresh ‘Somun’ bread that we make on the spot.

Due to the diversity of various requests from working customers that visit us every day we offer a broad selection of dishes in order to satisfy every taste. It is most important for us that everyone gets what they want because it is crucial to eat a quality meal during work hours.

In our company offer at Pasta Point you can get:

Pasta Carbonara
Pasta Bolognese
Pasta Arbiata
Pasta Fungi
Pasta butter and tomato
Pasta chicken Italiana
Pasta prosciutto
Pasta cream cheese
Pasta spice herbs
Pasta with fish
Pasta Point
Cold pasta with ham
Cold pasta with chicken

Risotto with squash
Risotto in milk with prosciutto

Sandwiches and tortillas
Point sandwich
Uzice sandwich
Caesar tortilla
Ham sandwich
Tuna fish sandwich
Tortilla with tuna

Ham omelet
Mushroom omelet
Cheese omelet
Pancetta omelet
Point omelet

Meal salads
Caesar salad
Tuna salad
Point salad

Celery potage
Mushroom potage
Broccoli potage
Pumpkin potage

Savory pancakes
Pancake with sirloin, cheese and cream
Pancake with ham, cheese and cream
Pancake with pepperoni, cheese and cream
Uzice pancake
Ham, prosciutto, cheese and cream

Sweet pancakes
Point sweet pancake
Cheese cake pancake
Jam pancake
Eurocream pancake
Nutella pancake

Meal – chicken
Meal – squid
Grilled veggies

Cherry dumplings
Plum dumplings
Eurocream dumplings
Peach dumplings
Sweet cheese dumplings

It is our goal to offer a high quality and delicious meal to every company in our vicinity for you and your employees. For more information and additional benefits for companies call us on 011/228-30-50 or 061/300-57-53.

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM – 6PM
-Weekends we are closed