Final works Belgrade

Address: 2d Petkovacka st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 011/33-28-117, 063/371-029
E-mail: evga@yahoo.com

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We are offer all kinds construction works for housing, homes, shops or business premises on a "turnkey" system.

With years of experience in our line of business, we offer different kinds of works that include interior and exterior.

Construction and craft works are carried out in the shortest possible time at affordable prices:

- Rough works (demolition, masonry, plastering, concrete and other
   construction works)
- Electrical installations
- Heating systems
- Works on the water supply and sewerage network
- Ceramic works
- Hydro-insulation works
- Painting works
- Plaster works (walls, ceilings, cladding
   walls, interior decoration and final decorative plaster work)
- Removing rubble
- Installation of air conditioning
- Height works