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Fire-fighting equipment Belgrade

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-OMEGA GUARD offers cutting edge automatic fire extinguishing systems such as: Novec 1230, FM 200, inert gas IG55, Argonite, Co2, Sprinklers, Drenchers, Bonpet and others as well as services in the area of projecting and servicing these systems. - OMEGA GUARD offers the services of projecting, delivery, mounting and servicing automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire alarms, using the German Detectomat GmbH company\'s equipment and serving as their certified distributer for terrotory of Serbia. - Omega guard is a certified service for regular technical checkups of fire safety equipment (fire extenguishers, fire alarms, centrals...) - OMEGA GUARD offers the services of mounting, selling, servicing and maintaining the fire safety equipment, both active and passive - projecting, delivery, mounting and maintaining all the modern systems of video surveillance, fire-safety systems, access control and working hour monitoring equipment, intercom and videocom systems, smart house systems, structural cable networking systems...