Firm founding Belgrade

Address: 11/5a Teodora Mirijevskog st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/74-65-880, 064/2233-776

4/ 5stars

Accountancy agency "Business Plus" was founded in 1996. Under that name we worked until 2010, when we changed the name and legal form to LIBRO & CONTI LLC It is located in the municipality of Zemun in the settlement Mirijevo at Teodora Mirijevsko street no. 11/5a. The main activity LIBRO & CONTI DOO is to provide bookkeeping services and bookkeeping and business plans. LIBRO & CONTI DOO, thanks to many years of work, experience and presence on the business map of Zvezdara, Vračar, Palilule and other Belgrade municipalities gained the respect and inspired safety and reliability to customers who have given their trust to this agency. LIBRO & CONTI DOO enters the circle of the leading agencies in the municipality of Zemun and proved an absolute leader among the similar agencies in Mirijevo. Business plans, LIBRO & CONTI LLC work checked professional staff, whose experience and knowledge, and advice to help customers link business of your company by applicable regulations and laws. The advantage LIBRO & CONTI LLC from the competition is: * There is always time for advice, clarification, and getting to know the owner of the company in its business * There is no documentation of non-booked, which is in the drawer * For each business change, there is a journal entry that is proof that the document has been posted * Regular visits Courier takes customers business records and provide the check in and out of workers * Filing tax returns in tax administrations Zvezdare, Zemun, Novi Beograd, Sava Venca, Vozdovac and the Old City. * Reliable accounting software, licensed by the Serbian Association of Accountants, which has the ability to add new versions of which are agreed with legislative changes. In addition to regular services that are included in the price, LIBRO & CONTI from Zvezdara LLC provides the following services to an additional charge: * Preparation of annual accounts * Business Plans * Submit Form M4 * Check-in and check-out worker verification zdrastvenih Booklet