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Address: 28 Vladimira Popovica st., 12 Slavka Slandera st.
Belgrade Phone: Tel/Fax: 011/711-88-31, 064/1576-686, 064/545-96-13 // Tel/Fax.: 011/7119-387
E-mail: fx.trade@scnet.rs
Website: www.fx-trade.rs

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Firm FX Trade Ltd. founded in 2003 on market of Serbia represents productional program of german products of trade mark fix-o-moll. Produce programs offer unique solution for all day events and problems in housing and selects next group of products.

-universal textile tracks it rake for recccoperation
-crep bands with protective foil
-both side tacky tracks
-produces for floor sheaths locking
-Program for protection: sheaths of filtzt, for furniture , protect from noice, antislipper protection and shades for door -both tacky walls tracks it rake for paper, bur plates and bur tracks
-tacky wall and tracks it rake for paper
- bands for windows and doors of special materials - protection from insects