Floor Belgrade

Address: 54a Radnicka st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/354-24-26, 066/074-233
Fax: 011/357-21-78

4/ 5stars

Shop Flooring PLATAN PLUS is located in Belgrade with Ade river, at 45 Radnicka st. We've been in the Parquet profession as a family since 1967. at first doing loft works, and in the last 10 years also in the sale of flooring and associated elements. We are guided by the principles of good quality and affordable prices so that 99% of customers leave our store satisfied.

In our shop PLATAN PLUS customers can get all the free and expert advice on flooring, because through the years we've amounted plenty of confidence and experience, so our customers do not think of us as ordinary people and merchants but rather that have the confidence that his expertise will allow only the best ...