Flowers, flower shops Belgrade

Address: 28 Rajka od Rasine st., Banovo Brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2545-987, 065/8953-239
E-mail: cvet.express@gmail.com
Website: www.cvetexpress.wh.rs

4.5/ 5stars

CVETEXPRESS - PERON Owner - Sonja ČUČKOVIĆ - The design and construction of the interior and exterior - Making bitermajera, tears, and wreaths of natural flowers - Making wedding arrangements - Arranging a wedding design - Delivery of bouquets to the address
Exist from 7.3.1988. and work 365 days a year. We were placed in the original space of the old railway carriages, which has become a trademark of Ban's hills. We are making arrangements, bouquets and other decorations for the house, but the exterior and interior planning. Production of tears and wreaths of natural flowers, as well as handing out flowers to the designated address. What is new is balloons of all sizes, colors and shapes for all occasions: birthdays, celebration, anniversaries, weddings.
Attractive and unusual gift-wrapping the balloons and all that we bring to the site or send. Every day of the year, for all your small and large celebrations, religious holidays for all we are prepared to find the right flower, color and detail with which to express your emotion and attention. We have the same approach and the design of gardens and gardening. With your suggestions and wishes looking for the best solution for your living space. Will design and refine the same fountains, streams and most diverse vegetation.
While you wait for the development package of your choice, you can freshen up in the cafe which is a continuation of our ideas about the cozy corner of the eye and soul. Please, visit us, we are still at the same station, 28 Rajka od Rasine street Your "CVETEXPRESS" Working hours from 08 to 22 hours.