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Address: 12c Paunova st., Banjica
Belgrade Phone: 061/1944-460, 064/9022-242

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Flower shop I.D.I Frajle is located in 12c Paunova street in Banjica as well as in 263 Vojvode Stepe street in Vozdovac in Belgrade. We have existed and worked for a long line of years. As the result of a huge amount of love and creativity of the owner of the flower shop and his family we created a flower shop that tries to bring some freshness into a small dose of perfection in terms of floral arrangements in the surroundings where you work and live.

In our offer you can find:
- Floral arrangements
- Potted flowers
- Cut flowers
- Bouquets per choice
- Wedding bouquets

Seeing how the flower has always been a most genuine means of affection and proof of love and care towards someone. Our flower shop IDI Frajle offers you the possibility to choose the perfect specimen that will show in not many words, your feelings and thoughts. It is our recommendation that you choose 101 roses when you want to win the heart of your loved one.

Imported potted and cut flowers will satisfy the criteria of even the most demanding buyers. Our kind and expert staff will kindly meet your demands and help you select the flowers that will make your loved one happy and improve your space.

061/ 19 444 60
064/ 90 222 42

Orders over 3000rsd are free for the area of Belgrade.
Flower delivery is 7AM - 10PM

Flower arrangements and various boquets per your selection.
Rich offer of flower from import at very affordable prices.
Perfect present for your loved ones 101roses.

It will be our pleasure to help you.


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