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Footwear Belgrade

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Useful information

The entire program of our women's footwear collection is a domestic production of the footwear manufacturers DARKO from Belgrade.

Made from natural materials of excellent quality and comfortable to wear (handmade).

At our store we also have high-quality men's shoes also domestic production.

Come and visit us in order to ensure the quality and comfort of your shoes.

The shops are located in the following locations:
* Shopping mall Pyramid, Block 44, Jurija Gagarina 149
Working time:
- Weekdays: 10-20h
- Saturday: 10-18h
* TC Stari Merkator, Palmira Toljatija 5
Working time:
- Weekdays: 09-19h
- Saturday: 09-15h
* TC Karanovac, Kraljevo
Working time:
- Weekdays: 08-20
- Saturday: 08-15h
* Karađorđeva 17, Kragujevac
Working time:
- Weekdays: 09-17h
- Saturday: 09-15h


DARK OBUĆA Footwear Beograd
DARK OBUĆA Footwear Beograd
DARK OBUĆA Footwear Beograd