Funeral services Belgrade

Address: 6 Stevana Brakusa st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 064/180-3609, 062/816-2061, 011/656-4263

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Our work is not easy to do, but it is extremely humaine. People come to us in their hardest moments and we try our hardest to meet the grieving families' every request and allow them to part with their loved ones with dignity.

This work carries lots of responsibility and so we approach it with seriousness, professionalism and dedication. We are available every day, 24 hours per day.

We arrive at your address in the shortest time and from that moment on all the responsibilities around the funeral become ours. We offer full undertaking services, organize funerals, acquire the documentation, offer a huge selection of related equipment and transport the deceased in the country and abroad at very affordable prices.

Contact us and let us help!

Visit s at our offices where you can look at our catalogues and see that we are professional and always prepared to talk and work with you. We are located in STANKOM mall in Bann's hill at 6 Stevana Brakusa street, shop 14 in the 1st floor.

There you can meet with our professional staff including the director of our company, Mr. Milorad Dejanovic and his associate Biljana Markovic.

We are here when you need us!

We stand out thanks to our high quality services, professionalism, kindness and the most affordable prices.

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